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Look at this Beausoleil!

by Elsa
Beausoleil top

I don’t usually sew a pattern multiple times, but Beausoleil is the exception since I adore that top!!! Really, this cold-shoulder feature paired with this cute mustache fabric is perfect (in my opinion!). Itch to Stitch really hit the ball out of the park for me on this one!

I got this lovely fabric from Paprika Patterns destash sale on IG and since then, I’ve kept it under close scrutiny for fear of some tween unexpected love for it…!!!Mommy got it, Mommy sew it, don’t even think about it…!

I made some quick alterations to the original Beausoleil pattern because I had no teal zipper and, during the testing phase (more about it here), I found out that I could put on/off the top without actually using the zipper. In short, size 8 bust blended to s.10 waist-hips and 1/2″ removed from the bodice length.

A bit too much fabric on the upper bust means that I need to alter something there for next Beausoleil (either gravity claimed its toll unexpectedly or I was wearing another bra when I tested) …and I plan a knit Beausoleil, out of ponte…so we keep in touch and I’ll be back soon with what I had to alter to make it work in knits.





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