A golden Asta dress

A golden Asta dress

It was not hot news that we had a family reunion, no, really…and I already had sewn my outfit for this day: my lovely flowery Asta dress (I wrote about it here) and a Blixen blazer (about my testing the blazer, here). But then, I changed my mind…2 days before the D-Day…and a golden Asta dress I sewed!!!

The pattern was already cut and altered, I had the PERFECT fabric in my stash ( a slinky knit with a subtle golden glittery aspect) and in about 2h30 (I took a break to get lunch!), I had my golden Asta in hands!!!

Not many pictures, just this one, with the Teen who was so “happy” to have to wear a suit AND a tie AND ‘real’ shoes (i.e. no red Converse sneakers!!!).

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