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A jersey knit pajama set

-a pattern by Jalie-

by Elsa

You were missing my PJs projects, weren’t you?

Here’s the perfect sewing project for someone who’s in a  hurry: Jalie #4016 “Jeanne” PJ set.

Quick and easy to sew and rather cute, especially with this horsies print.

Jalie 4016 Jeanne, La Casa Cactus

Jalie #4016

A t-shirt with long sleeves paired with pants, with an elastic waist. Easy to sew, even easier than the footed PJ I made (with no foot!).

Adult and children sizes are bundled together in one pattern. I find it very useful especially with teenagers when blending becomes necessary between older children sizes and adult sizes.

The long-sleeve t-shirt is finished by ribbing at the neckline and cuffs as well.

Jalie 4016, La Casa Cactus

Pants have the elastic sewn to the top of the edge, with no casing. Ankle cuffs are finished with ribbing too.

Jeanne and horses

As soon as I spotted this fabric, I knew it would make a fun set for the apprentice horse groom.

Stretch being 40% and back being white made me choose one size up. So, instead of a P/Q, I sewed a R. This set is slim-fitting and the instructions tell to choose some fabric with at leat 50% stretch. Hence the choice of one size up.

Ribbing is camel. I managed to misread the instructions and ordered less than expected. I split the ankle cuffs in half: one half main fabric, one half ribbing. It worked perfectly well.


Everything was sewn with a serger. I topstitched the necband with my sewing machine though (walking foot+ less pressure).


Well, tell me which PJ pattern you would like me to sew next???



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