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The paisley Wendy shirt

-a pattern by Sophie Denys-

by Elsa

I soon should be good in the Tops and Blouses department with the addition of this Wendy shirt, by Sophie Denys.

A few weeks ago, she did a sale on all of her patterns and I bought 2: Wendy and Bonnie.

I love the way she drafts her necklines. She really has beautiful necklines and collars. You can see my Laurel blouse, with its amazing  stand-up collar.

Wendy by Sophie Denys, La Casa Cactus

The Wendy shirt

The pattern offers 3 variations around the neckline: no ruffle, ruffle only at the back and shoulders, or full ruffle along the button band and neckline.

The sleeves have a slit bound by a continuous lap and gathered over a double-button cuff.

Wendy by Sophie Denys, La Casa Cactus

It’s a rather loose fit with a boxy shape.

Wendy by Sophie Denys, La Casa Cactus

All of Sophie Denys’ patterns come in 3 heights (160 cm, 168 cm, and 176 cm). Sizes go from 32 to 56, in these 3 heights. I find these heights very convenient.

A beautiful paisley shirt

Lightweight fabrics are preferable because of the boxy shape.

Wendy by Sophie Denys, La Casa Cactus

I fell in love with this paisley poplin. Since I wans’t sure I would love the ruffle band, I thought that a navy background would kind of hide it if I had afterthoughts.

The size chart placed min in Hieght=160 cm, with a 42 bust graded to 44 for waist and hips, a rather straightforward alteration because of the boxy shape.

I changed the step order because the designer had us sew the yoke lining by hand. NO WAY! I love my burrito roll method even if it means I need to change the order of assembly. I also did the 2-in-1 method for interfacing and finishing the facing.

Sewing the Wendy shirt was easy. I would have liked more notches for better distributing the ruffle gathers.

Wendy by Sophie Denys, La Casa Cactus

So…Will I sew this pattern again?

Absoluetely because it has great potentials.

I’ll change a few things for a better fit:

  • It’s a very loose fit so I may size it down next time or get rid of the gathers at the back. That’s an option given by the designer, but I’ll need to check that the hips will still fit.
  • I’ll have to choose Height=168 because sleeves and back length are a bit short on me. I’m 164 cm so right at the junction of both sizes according to Sophie.
  • I should shorten the shoulder seam, but it won’t be a piece of cake because of the way the shoulder area is sewn.
  • I’ll make a square shoulder adjustment.

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