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A romantic Wendy shirt

-a pattern by Sophie Denys-

by Elsa

How could we resist to to such a charming and well-written pattern?

Wendy #2, fresh from the sewing machine and with new options and alterations to make it different from Wendy #1.

This fabric….it would have been perfect for Valentine’s Day (if I hadn’t procrastinated).

Wendy Sophie Denys, La Casa Cactus

A romantic Wendy

Let’s talk about the fabric first. It’s an Art Gallery Fabrics poplin named Amorous Script. It’s so soft and hand-written inscriptions in light gray against the cream background are afeast to the eyes, completed with antlers crowned by roses.

Since the poplin’s width is only 110 cm and the print is directional, check that your pattern pieces fit.

Wendy Sophie Denys, La Casa Cactus

I already had the pattern cut, I was a bit lazy so I went straight ahead and cut my fabric.

I skipped the gathers at center back. That’s an option Sophie Denys offers, but she also warns you that it will reduce the with at the hips by 10 cms. I had found my first Wendy to be rather loose at the hips, so that option is rather convenient.

I didn’t read the instructions carefully and I cut one yoke and one back whereas the designer tells you to cut yoke+back as one piece when skipping the gathers…


I decided to underline the seam between yoke and back piece by adding a glittery length of Lurex piping I had been hoarding for many years.

Wendy Sophie Denys, La Casa Cactus

I do miss my piping foot. I had bought almost every foot that existed with my first Janome and my new Janome having a larger feeding area, these feet don’t fit.

This Wendy sports the shorter gathered neckband. I like it more.

Wendy Sophie Denys, La Casa Cactus

I also did a shorter hem: instead of 3 cm, I did 2 cm.

I love that new Wnedy, because we can see the details better than on Wendy #1.

Now, will I print Wendy in a smaller size and adjust some points or will I be lazy again for Wendy #3?!?

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