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My son’s Compere wallet

- a pattern by Sacôtin-

by Elsa

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Compere as the shell

Compere is a really quick sew, compared to other trckier patterns.

I sewed it as is for my daughter and it’s so cute (but sheds blue glitters everywhere!).

My son had a old Eastpak wallet from junior high and he needed something with more space.

He wanted it all black. I had some Luggage waterproof canvas, we went with it.

Here are some of the alterations he wanted:

  • more card slots for gym membership/student ID/ driving licence/etc (the original pattern has only 3 card slots)
  • a bigger coin pouch
  • almost the same dimensions as his Eastpak wallet (that means that I couldn’t use the Complice pattern that was way too big and too “girly” in his opinion).

What I modified

I changed the original tiny coin pouch into a 10-card-slot piece.

Why 10? Because I just lengthened the original card-slot piece to accomodate the original width of the pattern and it gave me 10! 

Because canvas was rather stiff, I cut the lining piece a bit wider. It gave me extra allowance to turn it and do some kind of bias binding (the other edges were caught in the seams).

Once again, I did this on the go. Clearly, I’m no designer!

 I saw another sewist add this coin pouch on the side in the Sacotin FB group and I found this so clever.

Easy, right? Well, not so much. It took me 2 days to figure out how to sew it. If you’re interested, I wrote the process down. Actually, it’s fairly simple!

Canvas was really thick as main and lining. Use cotton for lining or lighweight fabric if your machine can’t handle layers.

You see how thick it is near the zipper.


I’m not sure I did a great job with these modifications.

They looked great on paper, but my sewing knowledge isn’t on par with my ideas!

I’m afraid that the cards will get out of their respective slots once the wallet is full.

That means: if you know of a designer that has a wallet pattern with the same requirements and size, could you tell me? THANKS!


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