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My lovely Yzé blouse

by Elsa
Yzé by pm-patterns, La Casa Cactus

Today’s a special day since it’s my baby’s 14th birthday AND I will show you my polka-dot Yzé blouse.

This pattern was released last week by pm-patterns. The designer and I go a long way: first, I sewed her children’s patterns for the said ‘baby’, then I started translated her patterns into English (via my business LCC Traduction) and I can say that Karine and I are good friends now.

When time allows, I also pattern-test for her (Suun, Billie, etc). I had missed the Orlando test because of an out-of-order sewing machine, so I couldn’t miss Yzé.


Yzé: the pattern

The very first point you will  notice is that Yzé doesn’t have any type of closure. That makes it a really quick and easy patern to sew. Head through neckline and you’re done!

Second point…look at Yzé‘s sleeves!!! They are darted/pleated head sleeves.

Yzé by pm-patterns, La Casa Cactus

I agree there’s also that beautiful back neckline, but I was sold on the sleeves at first sight.

Let’s have a look at all the variations you get in the pattern:

  • high-low blouse or dress
  • three back necklines: round, V or deep V
  • with or without box pleat at the back
  • darted 3/4 or long sleeves or pleated short sleeves

Yzé by pm-patterns, La Casa Cactus


My Yzé blouse

I used a straight size 42 for my blouse with the following variations: 3/4 sleeves, box pleat, and V neckline.

The fabric is viscose from Les Coupons de Saint Pierre. You will need a fabric that drapes gracefully. This viscose had been in my stash for at least 2 years. It wrinkles like hell, but it was everything I needed so ironing it will be!!!

Interfacing and understitching keep the neckline facing in control. Thanks to the fullness of the blouse and the drape of the viscose, the high-low hem is in effect.

The V-back is revealing, but not too much. It’s very easy to sew.


Yzé by pm-patterns, La Casa Cactus

The sleeves are the focus point in my opinion and they hide a little secret. To keep the sleeve heads nice and round, small shoulder pads in mesh are inserted. They are optional, but if you use viscose, you will need them to keep the shape of the sleeve head.

Behind the scene!


Karine’s trademark is to make your life easier by adding nice details. If you don’t want your bra straps to show, she inserted a tutorial on how to sew bra strap holders (especially useful if you sew the deep V back).

This Yzé pattern is a real gem while being easy to sew.

Because of the Covid-19 issue around the world at present, paper patterns are exclusively sold in the USA. Otherwise, Yzé PDF pattern is available everywhere.

Take care!


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