LCC Traduction

par Elsa

Do you want a larger audience for your patterns? Some creative idea, but no time to elaborate?

Being a designer can be tricky. Between the first draft and the final completed pattern, days, weeks, even MONTHS have passed. And if you want to translate into French, you will still have some nights to work on it.

Here comes LCC Traduction. This business was born with designers in mind.

 LCC Traduction now can work on various subjects along designers: translation, proofreading, CM, content creation, etc.

LCC Traduction (fully-registered with the French administration) is my baby. I, Elsa, have a Ph.D. in English proto-economics (I know, that sounds awfully weird). I’m also a blogger, a seamstress, a content creator and many other things.

Feel free to contact me to get more information about what LCC Traduction can bring to your business.

Fill up the form and I’ll get back to you ASAP (I live in France, we might be on different time zones!):

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