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Itch to Stitch: North Point Trousers

by Elsa

Trousers!!!! Did I say “Trousers”??? I did, indeed. The North Point Trousers by Itch to Stitch have been released and I must say I’m pretty proud of them! Classy, comfy, with fly-front zipper and welt pockets, the go-to pants for any occasion.

What I really enjoy in selfcare-sewing is that I can add what I want to the pattern. Hence the Liberty-like fabric on the fly shield:

The North Point Trousers ask for muslins. Yeah…I did 5 muslins for it, but actually, it doesn’t take so much time. I’m still not happy with the back leg, but that’s just MY own body, not the pattern; I can now adjust patterns to fit MY body and be happy with that. Pants are tricky (to say the least!), but when you’re done with your adjustments…you’re done!

I decided to pair the North Point Trousers with my lovely Beausoleil Top (I simply adore this top! You can them more in depth here and there).

What can I say about the trousers pattern? Very detailed instructions with links to picture tutorials for the tricky parts. The welt pocket tutorial is one the best I’ve ever encountered so please add it to your Pinterest reference board!

The front pockets are wide enough for my smartphone!

Just for the fun, here is a list of what I had to adjust to fit my body:

  • Knock-knee adjustment (but now my side seam turns below the knee…future alteration ahead!)
  • Adding length to the back crotch
  • Changing the shape of the back crotch (more of a L-shape now)
  • Adding fabric to the sides (large hips…)
  • Shortening the front crotch

Next adjustments planned:

  • I was so focussed ont the back that I still ahve work to do on the front
  • Re-working on the genu valgum…!
  • Lengthening the leg a bit
  • Buying the right interfacing because my welts are not rigid enough


The pattern is on sale for a few days.


Pattern: North Point Trousers, Itch to Stitch

Sizes: US 00 to 20 (FYI I did a 10 waist blended to a 12 hips)

Fabrics: bottom-weight with some stretch (but not too much stretch)

Difficulty: Intermediate ++


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Ilse Lemmens 6 September 2017 - 22 h 41 min

Love your trousers together with your Beausoleil!

New Pattern: North Point Trousers - Itch To Stitch 6 September 2017 - 18 h 36 min

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