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A cosy flannel shirt

by Elsa

Suzanne, from Winter Wear Designs, was looking for some bloggers to promote the relase of the updated version of her Button-Up Top…I, evidently, applied and here’s my take on the shirt.

Why did I choose flannel? Because I wanted to have a flannel shirt  😛 AND I wanted to use this flannel coupon that had been sitting in my stash for one year (at least) AND I wanted to use this shirt for layering. I had just enough fabric to cut the shirt….pfew!

I really enjoyed having the choice between “petite” and “regular” lengths. No need to alter the length by myself, I just had to follow the right cutting line: I sewed a petite L Bust/waist blended to a petite XL at the hips.

The princess seams at the front and back help shaping the shirt. No boxiness here. I added some bright red buttons because, even if this flannel was cute, it was a bit bland.

Once again, I borrowed my daughter’s “Cat” necklace (from the lovely Etsy shop Bronze-N-Roses)… 😳 


I also added some floral cotton for the sleeve cuffs. Since I didn’t check the length of the sleeves, they ended up being a bit too long on me so, instead of unpicking/cutting again, I simple folded the cuffs to show the floral cotton. And I sewed buttons as if they were cufflinks. As simple as that!


Since the flannel was a bit on the heavy side, my hem is a simple serged/turned once 1/2″ hem.

That’s the perfect shirt to grab while going outside!

Please check the makes of my fellow bloggers!

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lunatiek 19 October 2017 - 7 h 36 min

I like it!! I love how you turned the cuffs! It gives a nice accent!

ElsaP 19 October 2017 - 7 h 41 min

Thank you! When you are a bit too lazy to cut the sleeves again, you always find solutions!!!!



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