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Her Christmas Dress

by Elsa
Uptown Downtown Dress, La Casa Cactus

When, on Dec.20, she asked if I had some red  and/or white fabrics in my stash, I should have known that she wanted a Christmassy dress. unfortunately, neither red nor white fabric BUT some cosy striped wool knit would make a nice Uptown Downtown Dress (Sew Straight and Gather).

Uptown Downtown Dress, La Casa Cactus

Last summer, I had traced ALL of the options of the UTDT dress…but she went from a size 9 to a size 12…!

Uptown Downtown Dress, La Casa Cactus

All in all, it took me less than 90min to sew this dress. So easy and such a nice result, as always. I’ve sewn this pattern quite a number of times for the past years.



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