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As cute as the gift…the wrapping!

by Elsa
gift wrapping

I’m so happy to offer you a preview of the new Jalie‘s pattern, GALAXIE 1 (avail. Nov.24). GALAXIE 1 is the ultimate pattern in terms of gift wrapping and exquisite homemade bags and cases. I chose to sew MERCURE, PLUTON, and NEPTUNE, the gift-wrapping pouches. This pattern will be on sale starting Nov. 24, 2017, just in time for aaaall the gift-wrapping season ahead!

I chose to sew them using two fabrics to enhance the lovely Christmas season. I won these fabrics 3 years ago (at tissus.net). They were on the shelves, waiting their time to be sewn. Just perfect for MERCURE, PLUTON, and NEPTUNE.

I really like the fact that these gift wrappings can be re-used afterwards. I put some serger cones into them and they fit perfectly. My small iron also fits into the large one, NEPTUNE.

You can benefit from 50% off GALAXIE 1 if you use the code 50OFF2017 between Nov.24 and Nov.27 (midnight, Eastern time).


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