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{DIY} Hairclip Case

by Elsa
Hairclip Case, La Casa Cactus

I’m sure I’m not the only one finding hairclips everywhere but in their own place…! I decided to sew a neat little hairclip case where all kinds of hairclip can be stored.

All of my supplies come from Creavea. They  sponsored me in return for this tutorial (fabrics, ribbon, and interfacing were provided free of charge). They deliver in Europe too.  Other tutorials are available on the website

Let’s start! That’s a rather easy tutorial, only rectangles to be cut!


From the fabrics:  2 rectangles, 25cmx14cm each (I chose this fabric for the outside and this one for the inside, they are fat quarters)

From the outside fabric: 2 rectangles, 25cmx5.5cm each

From fusible fleece: 1 rectangle, 23cmx12cm

From ribbon: cut 2 pieces, 20cm-long each

Seam allowances are included and are 1cm throughout.

Hairclip Case, La Casa Cactus

{Step 1}

Fuse the interfacing on the wrong side of each piece, positioning each piece at 1cm from the edge.


{Step 2}

Fold the small rectangles in half lengthwise, with right sides together then sew along the long edge.

Turn them on the right side and place the crease on the middle. Press well.

Hairclip Case, La Casa CactusTip: you can add some fusible fleece AFTER having sewn those rectangles. It’s easier to turn small pieces without having them interfaced.

You can topstitch.


{Step 3}

On the right side of the inner fabric, place your ribbons and rectangles. Ribbons should be placed at the middle whereas the rectangles should sit about 4cm from the edges.

Baste in place.

Hairclip Case, La Casa Cactus

{Step 4}

With right sides together, sew your case together leaving a 7cm-opening.

Hairclip Case, La Casa CactusClip the corners and grade your seams.

Turn the case on the right side and press well.

{Step 5}

Hairclip Case, La Casa CactusTopstitch your case, it will shut the opening.

{Step 6}

Stitch along the middle of your case widthwise.Hairclip Case, La Casa Cactus

Now, you can have all of the hairclips neatly put into the case

Pochette à barrettes, La Casa Cactus









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