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A North Shore swimsuit

by Elsa

This teenager of a daughter is growing up and her taste in clothing is getting stronger. She wanted/ needed some new swimsuits so I plunged into my ever expanding stock of patterns and found Greenstyle’s North Shore pattern*. Paired with some swimsuit fabric* gifted by Mondial Tissus*, and she was all set.

The North Shore swimsuit pattern

Have you ever seen a pattern with so many options???

The trickiest was finding which options she would like!

You can buy the patterns two ways, depending on the currency you’d like to use: either on the Greenstyle Creations‘ website* (in $) or on Etsy*, if you prefer paying in euros/£/etc. This pattern is about $15 and is really worth it.

Pattern features

  • Fully lined
  • One-piece with open sides:
    • back: with S hook, pullover U
  • 2-piece:
    • Front:  Deep V, Deep V full cup, Full coverage
    • Front options: Tie front overlay, Strappy front
    • Back: Pullover U, S hook U, Pullover halter, S hook, Tie back
    • Bottom: reversible Scoop Bikini, low/mid/high waist


Technical features

  • Sewing swimsuit fabric
  • Sewing elastics

Recycled swimsuit fabric for a sustainable North Shore

First step would be to read the instructions multiple times! There are so many options that you’d better be acquainted with them.

I would also advise to sew a muslin in cheap swimsuit fabric to see the alterations needed.

I started with a size XXS. It wasn’t bad at all for a first try, but I decided to scoop the front leg a bit and to raise the center back (+1.5 cm). I think she will need some extra scooping at the front legs.

Her options:

  • Front: Full coverage front with Tie Front Overlay and Halter
  • Back: S hook back
  • Bottom: Mid-rise Bikini Bottoms without the band (the top is sewn like the leg, with elastic)

The ‘good’ fabric is this thick and lovely swim fabric from Panda Love, the blue Galaxy*.

I ordered some contrasting fabric for the overlay ties.

This fabric is more lightweight and was perfect for the ties.

Sewing swimsuit fabric

Swimsuit fabrics are a bit tricky to sew. I started with a ballpoint needle and it was hell! I turned to a jersey, size 90, and it was just the right one.

I used both my sewing machine (Janome 6700 P) and serger (Janome 744d).

Northshore swimsuit, La Casa Cactus

Sweet Mama Life‘s video tutorial was great to sew elastic on the front leg.

I don’t know the length or width for the triple zig-zag stitch so I took the basic one (1-5).

I lowered my pressure foot’s pressure and used the narrow walking foot.

Does she like it?

I think she does!

I was a bit scared before sewing because I had only used cheap swimsuit fabrics and crappy swimsuit patterns.

This PandaLove fabric is the bomb: thick, dense, really good recovery, and made from recycled material. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but she’s petite so that means that I can sew 2-3 North Shore swimsuits out of one meter. Worth it IMO!

Due to its amount of possibilities, I think this swimsuit will soon be sewn again.

I may sew one for myself too…

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