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My 2021 summer wardrobe: Vacation romper

by Elsa
Vacation romper-Ellie and Mac, La Casa Cactus

After having sewn two tops (Orosi and Prague), Imade something I had never ever sewn…a romper!!! This is a harem-style romper, the Vacation romper.

That’s not something that I thought I’d ever sew, but I like it a lot for its look and fun.


Vacation romper-Ellie and Mac, La Casa Cactus

The Vacation Romper pattern

“Let’s not speak much, but speak well”, would have said my Gran’. Nothing is easier than this pattern (apart from a scrunchie pattern!).

This pattern has only 5 pieces: 2 front-back, 2 bands for the armholes and one for the neckline/straps (+2 optional pockets*2). That’s all.

Vacation romper-Ellie and Mac, La Casa Cactus

This pattern is meant for knits, but they shouldn’t be too stretchy otherwise the romper will end up falling down overtime.

Ellie and Mac offers patterns that are rather easy. I’ve had mixed experience with E&M patterns. The Ruched tee for my daughter was great, but the Cape Cod romper was a big fail.

I wasn’t really anxious with this pattern due to its shape.

Vacation romper-Ellie and Mac, La Casa Cactus

My Vacation romper

According to the size chart, I was a L-XL-L. OK, that would be an easy blend, especially with the straight lines of the design.

The big problem came from my own fabric: I needed 10 cm more!!! My lovely splashing elephants were not meant to become a romper so I had  enough fabric for my first project.

I always need to shorten my pattern pieces so I shortened 4 cm below the bust and 3 cm just below the widest part of the leg. Easy-peasy.

I opted not to sew pockets…what a stupid idea!!!

The only other modification I did was to add clear elastic in the straps at the shoulders. This romper has a ton of fabric so straps may sag overtime.

Vacation romper-Ellie and Mac, La Casa Cactus

I cut the clear elastic the same length as the shoulder straps. I inserted it inside the fold, just before stitching. You can either topstitch over the elastic, using some stretch stitch or leave the elastic unstitched, as I did. Nothing tricky apart from pushing the elastic away from the needle while stitching the bias closed.

I also added some stitches at the junction of the straps and neckline.

I didn’t used my coverstitch. My sewing machine is really good at sewing knits and keeping them stretchy.

I find this romper to be really fun. The small elephanst are cute, but I won’t wear them outside the house. The rest of the family wasn’t really enthusiastic about my romper, but I like it a lot! I think that a floral romper would be cute, right?

What do you think of this romper? Isn’t it cute? I see lots of more classical rompers and I’d ove to sew one, but I’m afraid I might look like a Minion or a plumber…

Pattern: Vacation romper

Fabric: printed knit

Notions: laminette

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