50% off on Makerist

by Elsa

A quick article about that pretty nice sale on both Makerist FR and Makerist US websites.

Valid til May 2, 2021, there are thousands of patterns available at 50% off.

I know that I already own a certain number of patterns that I haven’t even sewn, but I nonetheless had a look.

I will also tell you how I save some money, playing with foreign currencies!

A quick tour of the sale

Most of the same patterns can be found on both sites, but I noticed some discrepancies.

For instance, the Bag section on the US site has 282 items whereas the French site has only 201.

So it’s worth looking on both sites.

If a pattern is on both sites, I take a look at the currencies.

Sewing can be expensive, especially fabrics, and saving can help push my sewing allowance a bit further!

When buying into a foreign currency, I neither use my Paypal account nor my main bank account.


Since we like travelling, my husband and I opened a Revolut bank account. That’s a pre-paid account that is really great when handling various currencies. I have my main account in Euro and sub-accouts in British pound, US and Canadian dollars.

Zero added to the transaction, very easy to exchange money between accounts, etc. Very useful (I can sponsor you if you’re interested, just drop a comment and I’ll get in touch with you).

Let’s get back to sewing!

The very lovely Dandelion ruched tee.

The cute Ysée sweater.

And this bag sac.

I’ve been a good girl, haven’t I? Only 3 patterns…for now…the sale’s still running til Sunday…

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