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The Tamarack quilted jacket

-a mystery fabric challenge by Mondial Tissus-

by Elsa

Last November, I was challenged by Mondial Tissus to sew something out of some fabric mystery.

Some prizes will be awarded to the Most Likes on Instagram, the Most Liked garment by the jury, and the Most Leads. I thought that I would join and enjoy sewing.

So here’s my first-ever quilted garment aka Grainline Studio’s Tamarack jacket.

Tamarack, La Casa Cactus

Genesis of the project

Let’s be honest, I wasn’t thrilled when I got the fabric!

What would I dod with this extra pink floral fabric??? And it was rather stiff too.

I only found one project and that was upgrading my daughter’s baby doll’s bedding!!! She’s almost 16 so we had to dig deep to find said doll…

But I wasn’t really sold on this project.

And then *hear bells singing*, last September, I had bought the Tamarack pattern to replicate a well-loved and threadbare quilted jacket. Why not using this pink poplin to practice quilting and transform it into a cosy lounge jacket?

🧵 DEAL, I had found my sewing project 🧵

Curved asymetrical hems finished by a length of binding, single-welt pockets (hum…technical feature), and possibility of quilting (never done).

That was clearly a long-term project, not something I’d do under a week.

Edges are bound, but the jacket is unlined so you may want to do some Hong-Kong finish on the inside seams (I had neither time nor will to do it!).

Life in pink

5 main pieces and pockets to cut. Seems easy, but keep in mind you will have to cut them 3 times if you want to quilt your fabric.

I quilted my fabric horizontally from the top to the bottom of the armholes and vertically from the armholes to the bottom. I quilted the sleeves horizontally. I did a 3 cm-space between the lines and hat was awefully long to quilt! Other quilting designs are available on Grainline Studio’s blog, as well as a sew-along.

My Janome 6700P comes with a walking foot with the quilting bar and that was awesome to use. It made quilting so much easier. Nevertheless, it took ages before I quilted all of the pieces! It was a moment of introspection too since I can’t sew with noise. I’m rather ascetic when it comes to sewing!

Tamarack close-up, La Casa Cactus

I pondered about the pockets. On one hand, I didn’t like the way they were sewn. On the other hand, the jacket I want to replicate has patch pockets.

Tamarack, La Casa Cactus

In the end, I sewed the welt pockets, but I followed my own way of doing it.

So, will I be sewing another Tamarack?

Probably….but not in the near future!

Bonding edges is tricky! Instructions for the angles were great though. I really enjoyed doing this, but my angles are far from being 90° angles!

Binding curved edges was a true learning experience, especially the second pass, when I had to unpick and did it again because I didn’t catch all the layers.

Tamarack dos, La Casa Cactus

Concerning the buttons: I’m not sure I’ll sew them even if I chose the buttoned front piece that accounts for extra space for the overlap. I did a size 10, but when I overlap the fronts, it’s a bit tight.

All in all, that was a really fun project thanks to which I learnt a lot.

Feel free to Like my picture on Instagram (to help me win the challenge!). You will find some fabrics that would be great foryour Tamarack jacket. Some are already quilted, savong you time!

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