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{Test} Melrose top and dress (Itch to Stitch)

by Elsa
Melrose top and dress, La Casa Cactus

Will the Melrose top bring more sun and warmth??? Because we’ve been having some sun and a lot of rain lately!

Once again, a wonderful pattern by Itch to Stitch has been released. When a pattern designer offers such lovely pattern, you cannot resists. My last pattern test was for the Orono, a few weeks ago. So it was high time I tested again a ITS pattern!

The Melrose pattern

The Melrose can be sewn as a top or a dress. And the top has 2 variations: one with an elastic waist and a peplum, the other with a more boxy shape with a hem band.

It’s a really simple to sew. Few pieces to be cut and few technical difficulties. The neckline is finished by bias and it *might* be considered a difficulty, but no so much.

Bust darts are drawn for bigger cup sizes to get a better fit.

I did a straight size 8, cup B.


My version: peplum blouse

For once, I didn’t alter the pattern. I just used a rolled hem because I hate sewing curved narrow hems. My serger does rolled hems beautifully and I use that feature a lot. I just need to buy more woolly nylon to make them fluffier!

I used some lingerie eleastic for the waistband. I much prefer that kind of elastic because it is softer and it lets the garment drape well.

The poplin is from Les Coupons de Saint Pierre and it has the weight and drape that the pattern needed.

What’s great with the Melrose is that you can wear it with a casual denim skirt:


Melrose top and dress, La Casa Cactus

Or with a pencil skirt (and the usual photobombers, Sephora and Eclair):

Melrose top and dress, La Casa Cactus


Here are some great Itch to Stitch patterns that would go well with the Melrose Top:


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