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{Test} Crystal Cove Cami, Itch to Stitch

by Elsa
crystal cove cami

My sewing machine was really happy to sew a spaghetti-strap cami: the brand new pattern by Itch to Stitch, the Crystal Cove Cami (or CCC). It will be the perfect top for hot summer days (because summer will come one day, right?).

Nothing tricky to sew, you will just have to take your time to turn the narrow hem properly. Just follow Kennis’ tutorial and you’ll get a cute proper narrow hem.

Sorry for the pics, but I had a terrible bout of mold allergy the other day hence the puffy eyes!!!


crystal cove cami


The pattern

As is usual with Itch to Stitch, you get your pattern as a PDF file with layers. The CCC offers a wide range of sizes from US00 to US20 and from A-cup to DD-cup.

Choosing the right bust size is of paramount importance on a cami otherwise you’ll get either a too tight top or a gaping one.


crystal cove cami


My Crystal Cove Cami

It’s with some soft poplin from les Coupons de Saint Pierre that I sewed this cami. Unfortunately the lovely golden foxes will wash away over time…

I chose a straight 8B. I was afraid of turning the straps, but thanks to this[amazon_textlink asin=’B000W8XR46|B074Q64GFF|B0089PXGW2′ text=’ little thingy’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’lacasacactus-20|lacasacactu0a-20|lacasacactu0e-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|DE’ link_id=’6c579e07-6efe-11e8-aa59-053ba8c39f09′] , I did it in no time.

But what is the most attractive in this cami is the back. Look at the two petals that attach at the top. And what is great is the no-show horizontal bra-band! I don’t care if my bra straps show, but if the bra-band flashes…it’s a no-no!

crystal cove cami


A new one?

Yes, undoutedly, but not for me. Miss G asked for some and I’ve already muslined hers! The size 00 with a A-cup was almost perfect on her…!

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