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{DIY} Stackable Easter Rabbits

by Elsa

Time to think about Easter and these lovely rabbits will undoutedly be a nice addition to any mantel piece or they could beautifully hide some chocolate inside their bellies!

This tutorial will show you how to sew these little fellows. Fabrics and notions were provided free of charge by Creavea, and this tutorial can be found there, along with many (many many!) others.


1 rabbit silhouette

4 different fabrics (1, 2, 3, 4): 20-30cm

some solid fabric (this one, matte gold): 60cm, will be used as a lining

Vlieseline H630

Interfacing S320

Seam allowances should be rather small, 0.5cm.

{Step 1}

Draw or print a rabbit silhouette (should be 20-35cm long for better results).

Photocopy the silhouette at 80%, 60%, and 40% for 4 rabbits.


{Step 2}

For each rabbit, you’ll need to cut :

2 silhouettes in fabric

2 silhouettes in lining

2 silhouettes using H630

2 silhouettes using S320

{Step 3}

Interface your fabric silhouettes with H630.

Interface your  lining silhouettes with S320.

Right sides together, assemble your fabric rabbits and your lining rabbits, 2 at a time, leaving the base unsewn.

Clip your angles and grade your seam allowances.

{Step 4}

Right sides together, slip one lining rabbit inside one fabric rabbit, matching your seams. Stitch the base, leaving an opening.

Turn your rabbits on the right side through the opening. Oh, look, 2 symetrical rabbits!

{Step 5}

Push the lining inside the rabbit and handstitch the opening closed.

{Step 6}

Repeat the steps for ALL your rabbits !


{Step 7}

Now, you can stack your rabbits…!

Thanks to S320 and H630 interfacings, the rabbits can stand up nicely.

Cutie-pattootie rabbity-rabbits in a basket…what are you hiding???

Materials and notions were provided free of charge in return for this tutorial.






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