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A Soleil crop top

by Elsa

Soleil, with a capital S, means SUN in French.

When I saw that call for testers on Eunoia designs FB page, I immediatly saw its potential as a stash buster and I knew that it would please my teenage daughter. She loves crop tops! She also loves when I sew her some tops (e.g. here and there).

The Soleil pattern

This a rather plain pattern: 3 lengths and 2 front options!

Crop top that was because she’s 14 and dress lengths were deeemd ‘childish’ by Miss G..

A very simple pattern with not many pieces (yeah!):

  • various lengths
  • buttoned or plain front
  • pockets or none for the dress length
  • elasticized back
  • spaghetti straps

Her crop top

I had some Liberty and crepe in my stash and I knew they would pair perfectly with the pattern. Both had been offered by pm-patterns’ designer and came from Cousette.

It’s just so cute (I’m n rather objective!!!).

The length is perfect for a crop top. I used a rolled hem for hemming the crepe to keep its lightweight.

 I love that feature on my Janome 744D serger.


Just for the fun, I didn’t have enough elastic for the back, but I had yards of buttonhole elastic I had bought when they were little kids…! This elastic had the right width for the casing so I used it. I’m glad I’ve kept for almost 8 years!!!

Technical aspects

You may wonder where her bra is. Since Soleil is rather fitted at bust level, she didn’t need one.

Otherwise, a strapless bra or a bra with invisible straps would be good.

The back knot is tricky and she needs a helping hand.

Even if this pattern is meant for wovens and not knits, I plan to use it as a base for swimsuit top. I’ll change the back and how the straps are tied.

What do you think of Soleil?

What type of fabrics would you like to use?


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