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Serenity dress cover, the epitome of the quick sew

-a pattern by Pattern Niche-

by Elsa

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Summer is just right around the corner and it gives me vibes to sew quick and easy projects.

I like wearing dresses when it’s hot outside si the Serenity dress cover* was perfect in my opinion. This cute batik fabric* was the right fabric for a summery dress.

Serenity, a real quick sewing project

I had spent many hours working on my trench coat so I needed some palate cleanser!

With only 3 pattern pieces making it only 4 fabric pieces to sew together, the Serenity pattern was what I needed.

3 lengths are available: mini, knee, and ankle lengths.

The front offers a knot  and the back has an elastic inserted into a casing. Mini and knee lengths have a petal hem whereas the ankle length has a straight hem with slits at the side.

No binding (we’ll talk about that below), no closure, the ideal summer project.

The size range is wide: from: from 2XS to 6+.

I chose a size 6 graded to 8 at waist and hips.

The ideal fabric

Actually, it was a fabric-led sewing project since I only had ordered 1m50 of fabric.

I cut the knee-length version and I still have some scraps for scrunchies!

No major difficulty apart from understanding how to tie the knot on the front.

I would advise to put everything on the ground and follow the instructions.

I’m not a big fan of hemming the neckline, but since the front has no waist seam and is cut as one piece, the only other option was to bind it (hence losing the quick sew effect).

Tip: There might too much tension at the curves of the neckline resulting in puckers once the hem has been sewn. I ran a basting line at 1 cm then clipped to the basting line (and not over). Then I folded the hem twice. The clips may come into the way, but you’ll get less tension and a cuter result at the neckline.

If you prefer your legs to be more covered, you can close the opening by making a row of stitches juste above said opening.



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