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Orlando, some winter culottes

by Elsa
Orlando-pm patterns, La Casa Cactus

Days are becoming shorter and shorter, leaves are brown on the trees and mornings are a bit cold. No doubt, fall is here.

I decided to sew culottes for a little cheer-me-up sewing. I chose the Orlando pattern by pm-patterns in a very soft tweed by Minerva.

Orlando can be sewn as wide-legs (palazzo?) trousers or culottes. I preferred culottes because ground-touching hem are a big no-no when leaving in the countryside! 

Orlando-pm patterns, La Casa Cactus

Orlando (the character, not the city!)

This pattern refers to Virginia Woolf’s character, and not to the Florida city. Obviously, because of our trips there, I thought it was the home of Walt Disney World…

I couldn’t test Orlando when Karine asked for a bunch of testers because my machine was on time-out, but I translated it into English. So I knew what is was about.

Orlando-pm patterns, La Casa Cactus

When I was in college during the last century, I had pants that were between the culottes and the 7/8 length. I adored them. It was great to see a pattern that immediatly brought me down memory lane.

This pattern goes from a FR size 34 to 52.

The front and back pocket flaps are fake pockets. The only real pockets are the ones on the side.

My culottes

I chose that  beautiful woollen fabric from Minerva. For the past few months, I have been collaborating with Minerva. Each month, I benefit from  free fabrics in exchange from publications on their website. Have a look at it, it has been redesigned and it’s really great). Once published there, I can write an article about my make here, providing that I don’t copy-and-paste my publication on Minerva’s own site. This collaboration enables me to test fabrics that are new to me and to  get out of my comfort zone.

Orlando-pm patterns, La Casa Cactus

Let’s get back to that fabric. It’s cute, but a real nightmare under the rotary cutter. It frays a lot (like in “A LOT”). I had to serge the raw edges instantly and even had to fuse some strips of interfacing along the edges. So be aware of that if you’re interested..

I cut a size 46, but it’s a bit too wide at the waist, even if I followed the size chart. Is it because the fabric is loose or did I take my measurements wrong? I don’t know.

I had to borrow one of my husband’s belts for this shooting…

Orlando-pm patterns, La Casa Cactus

I didn’t want the low crotch so I followed Karine’s instructions to raise it up by 3 cm and to shorten the leg.

All in all, I like that pattern even if my fabric choice wasn’t the best. endroit.

Pattern: Orlando (pm-patterns)

Fabric: tweed or wool suiting/coating (1, 2, or 3)

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