Well…I found some Bambi left in my stash (from Tissus.net). Just enough to test the Extraordinary Girl Top (available here), by Filles à Maman. So Ponte+Bambi+Filles à Maman= success around the corner! Nothing to alter, a spot-on size 7 with a long-arm babe…!

So, here we go, Extraordinary Girl!!!

A very nice boatneck that reminds me of those onesies she had when she was a tiny Miss G!

 A sweet little front pocket (that went a little awkward due to some tension troubles with my regular sewing machine…it hates knits BTW!). I was a bit worried with the neckline I have to confess, but it went well. I looked at the pointy ends with suspicion, but I pinned (a lot!) and I had no problem serging it (just try your settings on scraps, you don’t want your pieces to stretch, do you?).

Soft curve in the back.


 It’s a slim-fit top, perfect for lightweight knits like my Bambi knit or medium-weight ones (like my contrasting red Ponte). Since my test, Mel has slightly altered her pattern to make it less tight, so no fear. There’s a high-low hem, making it very feminine (and it covers well…!).

That’s a layered pattern, so printing went quite well and saved ink (thus $$$$!). I’d say that pattern is a staple in any girl wardrobe. I saw some of the testers’ pictures and one had sewn lace on the constrating yoke and it was exquisite (I *might* do the same…along with a nice skirt…or capris…).

And there’s also the Woman Extraordinary Girl!!! It was available in the Sew Fab Bundle, but is now available as a single pattern (here). I will try this out (but without any Bambi…too old for Bambi). You can also buy a combo with the girl version.

Pattern: Extraordinary Girl, Filles à Maman

Size Range: 12M to 14

Fabrics: knits