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A golden Origami Tunic

by Elsa
tunic origami

I had promised my daughter a new tunic…a very long time ago. She had already chosen her fabric, a stripe-and-dot glitter yellow knit from Driessenstoffen. Actually, the yellow turned more golden than yellow!

However Many very interesting projects came into the way and prevented me from sewing the said tunic  (testing a tunic for Wardrobe by Me, the pm-patterns blogtour, etc).

tunic origami

Which tunic did I choose?

For the second time, I chose Love NotionsOrigami Tunic. It’s a quick sew and I know that the fit is perfect for my DD (see the first Origami I made for her).

tunic origami

I had unexpected troubles with the sleeve hems. My covertstitch absolutely hated the beige thread I planned to use. I resorted to use a double needle on my sewing machine…but it broke (and I know that my sewing machine just HATES double needles). I then decided to hem the sleeves with my serger. It gives a sporty look to the tunic.

Pattern alterations?

I just understitched the hem facing because the fabric would not lie flat. Otherwise a straight size 12 was perfect for her.

I was a bit surprised by the stiffness of the fabric (the gold isn’t available anymore, but they are others colors). The gold dots and stripes have not stretch at all…and I was a bit worried she couldn’t pass her head…but she

There’s a good twirl factor and I wonder if I could lengthen this Origami tunic and turn it into a dress.

tunic origami

Did you notice her new hair-styling? She got a curling iron for her birthday and is pretty happy with it. I’m the one doing her hair with it at present because she might burn her hair inadvertantly!!! Where’s my little baby gone?!? Hello Kitty posters are no longer on her wall, being replcaed by Dylan O’ Brien posters!!!



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