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Tutorial: How to sew an overall from 2 pairs of jeans

by Elsa

This year, the school theme is “The Circus”. Every week, the children take part in circus activities and there will be a show in June. Mr J’s class will be dressed like Chaplin, in Modern Times. We had this (very) short note from the teacher : “an overall or a coverall, shortened, by May, 2nd”. Well, on the one hand, we have none of those and on the other hand, less than 3 weeks to make something is a very-short notice for me.

Upcycled Overall, La Casa Cactus

I quickly had a look at commercial patterns, without any success (and I wasn’t so fond of buying fabrics and a pattern for this sole occasion). A bit of brainstorming and Tadaaam: a (too) short pair of Mr J’s denims and one of my old pair of jeans (it belongs to my “Just in Case” stash), I cut my old jeans, sew suspenders and a bib, and did some modifications to the belt. Some dye too because the jeans weren’t not of the same color. Et voila! Her’s a tutorial for those of you who’d like to sew the same (I hope that my English translation is not too bad!):






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