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The new Stan shirt

- a pattern by pm-patterns-

by Elsa

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I will carry on using my mystery fabric mega box with pm-patterns’ new pattern, STAN.

As usual, Karine designed a pattern full of options and variations.

STAN shirt

I’ve been wanting to sew me a shirt with a hidden button placket for a long time. I was so happy to find out it was one of STAN‘s options!

You will have hundreds of possibilities with this pattern (sizing ranges from 34 to 52):

  • puff/bishop or straight sleeves
  • plain or buttoned cuff
  • traditional of hidden button placket

…And there’s a design feature: an optional pleat at the shoulder.

And, if you like gathers and yoke as I do, it’s high time you sewed STAN!

Blue…once again!

Since I was happy with how my blue crepe behaved on my dress, I decided to use the same fabric, but in a diffrent shade of blue.

I chose bishop sleeves with buttoned cuffs, with no shoulder pleat, but with the hidden button placket.

STAN requires fabrics with drape, mostly because of the gathers under yoke.  Look at the cute little sharp collar. Isn’t it lovely?

The hidden button placket was easy to sew: just follow the instructions and press well.

Because it’s a loose fit, this pattern is a bit of a fabric hog.

I sewed a size 40. I shortened 10 cm at the hem (7-8 cm would have been enough). I also shortened the shoulder length, a common alteration for me. 


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