(Where’s my baby boy gone???)

 When Mel, from Filles a Maman, called for testers for a boy pattern, the beautiful Marc Shirt,  I immediatly jumped on the occasion!!! And when I saw this beauty of a pattern, I couldn’t resist. I knew what I would use for fabrics and buttons (these buttons come from my late granny. Love you always…).

The Marc Shirt is made of knit AND woven for the collar/facings and shoulders! The collar facing is undnoubtedly the trickiest part, but it gives the shirt its most distinctive feature, part from the side collar.

(I don’t know what he was trying to tell me…!)

 It’s a slim fit garment, I made a size 12 and it’s great. My knit wasn’t as stretchy as I thought, but it’s fine though.

Look at that collar and those shoulder pieces…Totally awesome!

I completely failed my buttonholes…They are not supposed to be parralel to the the shoulder!!! I don’t know why I sewed them like that…! They should be perpendicular! For the fun of it, my son asked me if I was REALLY sure the collar should be open on the side and not on the front…!!! This feature was already present in Mel’s pattern for girls, Mimi.

The hem is curved (trust me on this one…He was getting anxious to have the photo session ended!).

 In short, this pattern is rather adressed to advanced begginer or intermediate. It’s well-designed and a step-by-step photo tutorial leads you through all the tricky parts. It’s true to size. You will need knit, some woven and interfacing, too.

Marc Shirt is available in Filles à Maman ‘s shop and the size range is 3M-14 tween (quite a large size range!!!). There’s a short-sleeve option too.

So do not hesitate and…