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Filles a Maman: Souris Top and Tunic and Caramel Leggings

by Elsa

Two new pattern tests for Filles a Maman: the Souris (Mouse) Top and the Caramel (Butterscotch) Leggings. Both are staples in a tween wardrobe and I love the way the sleeves are folded origami-style.

Both patterns are a breeze to sew for great results.

Caramel Leggings

I chose the curvy shape on the front leg and it’s just too cute. It really adds a little something to a pair of leggings.

These leggings are also available with no curve and different lengths, as shown in the line drawing below.

The Souris Tunic

The Souris Tunic was made out of a sparkling yellow (gold?) knit. Miss G is fond of yellow and I must admit it’s not a color I’m drawn to, but…she was so smitten with her yellow tunic, it was a pleasure to see her glowing like that!!!

The side pleat is adorable! I’m totally biased…

Look at that…*swoon*

A large band at the bottom gives a good length to the tunic and no need to hem…!

Wearing the first version of Souris…my almost 11-year-old baby girl…

It’s been a long time since I’ve been so enthusiastic about patterns, but Mel really did great on those two.


Patterns: Souris Top+Tunic and Caramel Leggings, Filles a Maman

Size range: 12M to 14Y

Fabrics: knits with good recevery for the leggings

Difficulty: easy (even folding the sleeves is not that tricky!)

On sale till March, 13th

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