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{Test} Boardwalk Wrap tunic and dress (New Horizons)

by Elsa
Boardwalk, La Casa Cactus

My last pattern testing for Terra (New Horizons) dates back to the knit tunic named Deer Creek. But our collab’ dates back to the days when her brand was Terra’s Treasures (I tested Mayfair, Kensington, etc). This wrap tunic really caught my eye and here is my rendition of the Boardwalk tunic for Miss G.


Boardwalk Tunic, La Casa Cactus

Boardwalk: a dress, a maxi, and a tunic

This pattern offers a wide range of options which is really fun. Miss G. already ordered w maxi with flounced straps for next summer!!! I’ll be happy to oblige!

This wrap tunic appealled to me, but it was also a real cas of muslining because Miss G is a B-cup with a hollow upper bust…


Boardwalk Tunic, La Casa Cactus

The options of the Boardwalk pattern are:

  • Tunic, dress, or maxi
  • Optional flounce along the hem
  • Spaghetti straps with or without flouce, cap sleeves or split sleeves

Boardwalk Tunic


Her Boardwalk tunic

The only pattern alteration I did was to blend a size 10 for the upper bust with a size 12 everywhere else.

Because it’s a pattern meant for wovens, you need to be careful with the fit.

Boardwalk Tunic, La Casa Cactus

Eveyrthing went smoothly and it’s a really quick sew.


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