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Campfire romper, George+Ginger

Campfire romper, George+Ginger

When I saw the Campfire pattern by George+Ginger, I was sold! It had been a long time I last bought a pattern (one of the perks of being a pattern tester!), but it was love at first sight! To be honest, my plan was to…

Islands of Adventure: the 2nd park

Islands of Adventure: the 2nd park

After visiting USF (first Diagon Alley then the other rides), let’s visit the second park called IoA- Islands of Adventure. That’s th park where I fell in love with one ride, where Miss G got to ride THE ride she had beend reaming of for…

Homemade gifts for Christmas

Homemade gifts for Christmas

It seems that many of my tutorials would make great (and quick to sew) Christmas presents. I decided to make some available directly here..

Click on the image to get to the article with the detailed instructions.


My most read article: reusable wipes and their basket!

This DIY is the most read on my website and I’m really happy to share it again here. Fabrics are from Creavea.

Makeup remover wipes and bag DIY, La Casa Cactus

With the tutorial for other basket sizes and types:

Basket for wipes, La Casa Cactus


And because you will need to wash them, the tutorial for a lingerie bag.

DIY Lingerie Bag, Tutorial by La Casa Cactus


The hanging towel

Very useful and so easy to sew, hanging towels are a great gifts for the hostess.

(fabrics Mondial Tissus)

Pillow covers

Perfect for harmonizing your home decor with the season.

Pillow cover, DIY by La Casa Cactus

(fabrics Mondial Tissus)

An apron for a gardener or a seamstress

Once again, a very quick sew when you want to offer some homemade gift, but don’t have much time.

(Fabrics Creavea)

A hairclip case

Because hairclips just love to hide…!

(Fabrics+notions Creavea)


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