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The perfect little black dress

The perfect little black dress

The little black dress should be a staple in any wardrobe, but I didn’t have one. True, I had bought George and Ginger’s Mix It Up pattern for my daughter. The sizing starts at Tween 12 and she loved the keyhole front. Actually, the first…

Some new skorts

Some new skorts

Skort #203 from Thread Faction: a pattern with multipke options for the skirt parts. Perfect for hot summer days. Fabrics used: polo knit, milano, Airtex.

Feeling good during summer

Feeling good during summer

August is for me the epitome of summer since the four of us are on holidays. Sometimes we leave for a week, sometimes we can’t, but nevertheless we let the summer enter into our lives.

Here’s a curated list of cute things I spotted on Etsy.



Being stylish during the summer holidays

I love shoes, undeniably! So when I saw these leather clogs, I was amazed. I mean, look at them!!!

sabots vacances

These ones are cute too. Worn with a nice flowy skirt.

sandales vacances

What do you think of these ones? They could also be great for a Back-to-School look.

sandales vacances

My cats have enjoyed chewing on my handbag so I need a new one.

This one?

sac seau

Or this one

Wearing some golden bracelet under the sun, to enhance our natural beauty (I don’t handle sun really well…!).

 A thin necklace:

Or a funky-funny kitty bracelet:


Feeling on holidays

No need to go far to feel on holidays. Sometimes, just a change of furniture will do the trick.

I love candles. So a candle smelling like the waves and the beach would totally bring me the beach right inside my countryside home.

bougies marine

A new lamp, to gently change the atmosphere in the home:

Or a lamp for the garden:

Summer is also a state of mind: a time to reflect on the first semester, some time to be spent with family and firend, and making memories.


Enjoy your summer!

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