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Archer button-up shirt

-a pattern by Grainline Studio-

by Elsa

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I wanted to change a bit from my typical shirt i.e. Bonn (the last one can been seen here).

I fell in love with the gathered lower back of the Archer shirt, by Grainline Studio.


Archer, a button-up shirt pattern

I have quite a lot of shirts. However, I’m not the same sizes anymore and what I had sewn previously is now a bit on the loose side.

I like the shirtail hem and the gathered lower back. Shirtail hems lengthen the legs visually, which is great when you’re only 5’4″.

I cut a straight size 10 with no alteration.

Archer in the sky!

Fun fact: I got this fabric from my monthly Minerva haul* and I was focused on the gorgeous jade color. I thought that it would make an amazing jade FLORAL shirt…Well, these are not flowers, but space things! Note for later: be also focused on the print, not only on the color!!!

That wans’t a bad thing, because it leads to smiles when people notice the print.

No major difficulty as far as sewing was concerned. I used the burrito roll method for sewing the yoke invisibly (picture tutorial and video tutorial are available).

I was really happy to see a new method for sewing the collar. Alas, I couldn’t understand it all.

What do I think of my Archer shirt?

Well, I’m not convinced.

Was my fabric too stiff (it had been pre-washed, as always)? Should I have sewn one size smaller?

I think that’s a combination of both. I’m drowning into my shirt. I wish there had been a finished measurements chart. I would have probably sewn a size 8.

I found the instructions to be lacking as well.

I may sew another Archer shirt in size 8 in the future, but the world of shirts is so vast that I may sew other shirt patterns first.


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