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For Mother’s Day, I would like…

by Elsa
Mother's day 2019, La Casa Cactus

Because I much prefer having a list already done, in case my children ask for what I’d like for Mother’s Day…But I’m not sure they even know the address of this blog.

I wrote a list last year, but you know…kids…


My pets

Yes…let’s start with my pets. We have 5 cats indoors (and 3 cat outdoors that are not technically ours but as if). They love their home and I love them a lot. They love cuddling, playing, stealing food, and talking. Let’s welcome Muffin, Merlin, Willow, Lumiere, and Kodiak (+ Sephora, Starbucks, and Eclair).

The custom painting is a great idea to have them in my sewing room.

This felt cave would make an awesome place for taking naps. But I’m pretty sure I would need at least 3.

Then the personalized bowls would be perfect for their petsitter who would knwo who-eats-what-where.

Mother's day

1. Painting 2. Felt cave 3. Bowls



Some enamel pins to show off!!! And one funny pin against the use of my fabric scissors for cutting anything else, but fabric (I love this one!!!).


Mother's day

1. Pin 2. Pin 3. Pin



Nice stuff for some me-time.

Nothing to do, but use this Mother’s Day Box full of goodies for a nice quiet bath.

Homemade soaps are a hit and I do love a good sniff of natural scents.

And, if one day, I want to make my own soap, there are kits available (or bath bombs, my daughter made bath bombs during Spring break and she really enjoyed the process).

Mother's day

1. Mother’s day Box 2. Homemade soaps 3. Kit for homemade soap



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