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Back to School Shopping Spree

by Elsa
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Last Tuesday, Miss G and I had a Mommy-and-Me shopping spree! Actually SHE had a shopping spree (I just had to buy some -boring- school stuff). The French economy really bounced back that day thanks to what she bought!

I had told her what I would pay and what she had to pay: accessories at Claire’s and bath products/perfume at Yves Rocher’s (and other trinkets she would inevitably want). First stop was for a hair cut. She wanted a layered shoulder-length cut. Done in no time (and cute).

Then we stopped at Claire’s…I almost died there because of the choice!!! She could’nt choose…at last, she made up her mind and chose earrings/gloss/hairy little stuffie. Then next stop was Yves Rocher’s where she tried to buy make-up…No way, young lady. She ended up buying perfume and bath products.

Time to buy clothes. We stopped at H&M. I’ve hardly ever shopped there for my son because the sizing was off for him. Nothing would fit him in the waist because he’s tall and extremely slim. I find that the sizing is much better for the girls.

H&M offers SuperStretch Denims that Miss G can actually wear! Her biggest problem with skinny jeans comes with her being unable to get past the instep in most of the skinnies we tried. We then bought three! She also chose some cute layered tops, a dress, a blouse, a long vest, etc.

  1. 1 and 4. Same top “layered shirt/sweater”
  2.  jean SuperStretch
  3. Ah a dress

We had lunch then hopped to Kiabi’s. I’ve learned to like that shop thanks to their teen boy/young adult line. I usually wait for the sales to go and buy there though. We bought some basics (not on sale) and some clothes that were on sale.

  1. Joggers
  2. Sequin t-shirt
  3. Some underwears


All in all, it was a great day for us and I hope she will feel lighter when going to her new school. Junior High, here she comes!

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