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{DIY} Hanging towel

by Elsa
Hanging towel DIY, La Casa Cactus

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I won a hanging towel in a Christmas raffle a few years ago and I find it extremely useful. I looked into its conception and it’s so easy to copy that I wrote a basic tutorial for those of you who would like to sew some as gifst or as proper stash-busting projects!!!.

It can easily be customized with an embroidery machine or some HTV/Flex.


Fabric and notions for one hanging towel

40cm x 40cm of terry cloth/waffle fabric (I had some waffle left from my reusable wipes DIY)

Fabric (some left from my pillow cover DIY! I told that was a great project for stash-busting!))

Some fusible fleece interfacing*

Some binding (optional, just in case you don’t want to hem the towel)

A large button or snap or Velcro tape

Hanging towel

1cm seam allowances are included.

Cutting and applying interfacing

Once your terry cloth has been cut, you can slightly round two corners.

Cut fabric and interfacing following these dimensions:

You will two pieces in fabric and one in terfacing. You can use coordinating fabrics.

Fuse the interfacing per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Sewing the top

Press a crease at 2.5cm from the bottom.

Essuie-mains Hanging towel

Then with right sides together, pin the fabric pieces togther, leaving the bottom free. Stitch at 1cù from the edge.

Clip the corners, turn to the right side, and topstitch.

Essuie-mains Hanging towel


Finishing the towel edge and assembling the hanging towel

You can either hem or bind the towel. Let the top edge unfinished.

To have a nice bound curve, I steam my binding first in a curve. I also snip the curve on the towel (inside the seam allowance). When applying the binding, you will slightly pull the towel and you will get a very nice bound curve, without any pucker.

Essuie-mains Hanging towel

Next step is to gather the top to make it fit into the top.

Gathering is stitching 2 (or more) basting lines inside and outside the seam allowance. You will pull the bobbin threads afterwards to gather until the towel’s width is equal to the top’s width.

Essuie-mains Hanging towel

Fold the bottom of the fabric on the inside, along the crease you made earlier.

Insert the gathered towel and stitch through all the layers. You sew a box or just a few lines back and forth.

Button and buttonhole

I chose to sew a button, but you can also use a large snap or Velcro tape.

Stich a buttonhole on the point of the fabric and place the button.

Essuie-mains Hanging towel

And here is your hanging towel that is cute and practical. You can even sew some following the seasons. This one screams Christmas to me, doesn’t it?


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