My dear daughter is right at that age when wearing skirts is still extremely attracting, but going to junior school’s asks for denims and trousers and sweaters etc. However, she still asks for skirts when she’s home and I don’t feel like buying patterns so here’s a small list of pretty nice patterns (all of them FREE) that are tween-appropriate and tween-APPROVED!


free tutorials for skirts

  • Tiered and Ruffled Skirts (wovens)

A ruffled skirt with lovely bound edges


The maxi skirt, easy to customize

A layered skirt

  • Pencil skirts

The pencil skirt attracts a lot because they look more “grown-up”.

I used this one for the flight-attendant outfit she needed for the role she had in a theater play. (knit)

This one is a Pleat Skirt, but it looks like a pencil skirt to me. I love the little bows at the bottom of the pleats. (knit)

The Denim Pencil Skirt by Simple Simon is just great! (woven)


  • Sailor and flat-front skirts (wovens)

Always trendy and cute, the sailor skirt

Ikatbag’s Plaid skirt

Sailor-inspired flat-front skirt

Those colors are just gorgeous!

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{DIY} A Creative Apron

Posted on Apr 21, 2017

With the first warm days, there’s work to be done in the garden so a new apron seemed to be the perfect project before anything else! My creative apron is doubly creative since you have to color it before using it!

Creavea provided notions and fabric for free in return for this tutorial and you can find a whole bunch of tutorials on the website.

So, let’s go and sew a creative apron!

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{DIY} Reversible (Easter) Basket

Posted on Mar 27, 2017

Easter is almost there, so is the wedding season. This reversible basket can be used for either of these occasions. it can also be used as home decoration if using the right interfacing.

This tutorial is in partnership with the French website Creavea (that delivers in Europe). Fabrics and interfacings were provided free of charge in exchange for this tutorial.

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{DIY} Stackable Easter Rabbits

Posted on Feb 17, 2017

Time to think about Easter and these lovely rabbits will undoutedly be a nice addition to any mantel piece or they could beautifully hide some chocolate inside their bellies!

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{DIY} Marble maze

Posted on Feb 2, 2017

When I was a little girl, Santa brought me a wonderful toy named Screwball Scramble Game where a marble had to go from one point to another and it had many obstacles to go over amongst which was a covered labyrinth. I really loved that toy and I was so happy when a friend offered it to my kids ” a few” years later…!

Here’s my take on the labyrinth but this time it’s made of fabric and it’s in a case to make the game more difficult!

Marble Maze, La Casa Cactus

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