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{Test} Perfect Tunic, Wardrobe by Me

Posted on Mar 17, 2018

I’ve been pattern testing a lot lately, but I cannot show most of them yet 😉 !

But today, let me show you the new tunic by Wardrobe by Me: the Perfect Tunic.


perfect tunic, wardrobe by me


{The Pattern}

As per usual with Wardrobe by Me, this pattern is layered. That means no need to print all the size,s you just check the size(s) you need.

The following options are available:

  • Straight hem
  • Curved hem
  • Long sleeve with straight hem
  • Long sleeve with a buttoned cuff


perfect tunic, illustrations(source)


So, you can play a lot with the options and sew a whole bunch of different Perfect Tunics.

That might sound like a detail, BUT you can use either knits or wovens for this garment.


perfect tunic, Wardrobe by Me

I chose the simplest version. It’s a rather quick sew. I say “rather” because you’ve got to be focused when sewing the collar, but that’s not too tricky.

Sleeve tabs are included and I love the look they give to the sleeve, a little something casual-chic.



The fabric I sewed is some navy-blue viscose and I added a touch of Liberty to the collar and tabs. I think they do well together.

You will need some fusible interfacing for the collar and tabs pieces (and some if choose to sew the cuffed version).

I think that the Perfect Tunic calls for fabrics with some drape. I was a bit afraid before sewing this viscose, because my Janome is very fabric-sensitive!! I used a size 80 regular Schmetz needle and it went very well.

{My Alterations}

I started with a EU 40 at the bust graded to a EU 42 below, but since that’s not a fitted tunic, I could have sewn a straight EU 40. Next time!

I shortened the length by 1″ since I’m way below the height the pattern is drafted for!



Oh YES! Next time, I’ll sew a EU 40 with a tad of shortening the shoulder seam. My plan is to add tulip sleeves for the spring/summer. I found a really good tutorial on Craftsy.


Any version you would like to sew or keen on seeing sewn?


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My Laura Cardigan (Sinclair Patterns)

Posted on Feb 23, 2018

I made myself a brand new cardigan, the Laura Cardigan by Sinclair Patterns. I’ve been following Sinclair Patterns vicariously for a few months and I saw on the Facebook page that they were looking for sewists that would like to take part in their Sew-Along…so I applied, got chosen, and received the pattern free of charge (many thanks to Chris for the opportunity!).

Gilet Cardigan

The Laura Cardigan Pattern

The Laura Cardigan is a layered pattern, but what is the most relevant to me is that this pattern is available in 3 heights: Petite, Regular, and Tall. What a sewist’s life-changer! I chose Regular and had nothing to alter in length (FYI I’m 5’4″). 15 minutes saved! I sewed a US size 10 and it’s spot-on.

The Laura Cardigan pattern is also made of 5 PDF files: a Memo file, the Instructions file, and 3 pattern pieces files (wait? 3 files…remember the 3 lengths…here’s why you get 3 files!!!).

Look at these pockets!!! Aren’t they cute and almost invisible! I’d say they are great for one tissue, but you won’t put your hand in it.


Gilet Cardigan

My own Laura Cardigan

My Laura Cardigan is the right length and it’s so comfy because of the woolen knit I used (from the closed shop Lolie-shop).

You must use some fabric with drape to get the full potential of the handkerchief-type of hem. And look at that curved hem at the back *swoon*.

As far as the hem is concerned, I decided to ditch the coverstitch this time and use a decorative stitch from my sewing machine. If the hem doesn’t need to stretch, it’s a bit different for the cuffs, so if you decide to use decorative stitches, please use one that can stretch. Because of the type of fabric, I chose to temporarily glue the hems with Dritz Washaway Wonder Tape. What a great invention, but it’s rather tricky to get it in France!

gilet cardigan


You can also notice that I sewed the hems with some Maxi-Lock Swirl thread. I do love the effect of such a variegated thread on hems. It adds a nice pop of colour on solid fabrics. This thread is not common at all in France and is rather expensive, but I love it so much!!!

Another Laura Cardigan soon?

Sure, but this time I will use some closure. I didn’t on this one, because I couldn’t find the right color for a frog closure.


gilet cardigan My earrings come from my favorite Etsy shop, Bronze-N-Roses (hum…it’s been a while since my last order LOL)


So, are you ready to sew yourself a Laura Cardigan? It really is a quick sew and totally beginner-friendly.


I think that I *might* need another Sinclair Pattern…I really like the Sandy knit tunic…or the Sofia sweater…which one should I choose???


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Yeah, I’m back to the sewing world with a wonderful new pattern by Itch to Stitch. The Sequoia Cargo Pants and Shorts pattern is just another of the many wonderful patterns Kennis made for us.

Testing pants/shorts pattern is always a challenge. Not because of the pattern in itself (we all know that Kennis is a top-notch pattern designer), but because our bodies are unique and need to be carefully addressed!!!

I made 4 muslins to try and find the alterations I needed to make the pattern fit my curves.

Let’s talk a bit about the pattern first then I’ll tell you more about my alterations.


  • The Pattern

The pattern is a layered pattern and as such it is very easy to blend sizes if needed. The inspiration behind the Sequoia Cargo Pants is, obviously, hiking and trekking and twill/Ripstop/Denim can be used to sew them.

A lot of pockets are available and they are closed by metallic snaps.

The waistband is a one-of-a-kind waistband with woven+ribbing+elastic…so COMFY!!!

I sew my Sequoia Cargo Pants out of some non-stretch middle-weight denim from Driessenstoffen. Extremely easy to sew and I just used my denim needle for topstitching (after a good-old whack with a hammer on thick corners!!!).

I used my Vario from Prym to put the snaps. Oh, I just LOOOVE that tool! I wish I had black snaps in my stash, but alas, none available so I put silver ones…at least, I can be seen in the dark 😆

You can sew leg straps on the side, but I left them out because rolling up this denim would have ended in a big tube of fabric around the calves and would have been rather uncomfortable.

Since the weather was rather dull, I paired my Sequoia with my Jacqueline Hoodie. It makes for a casual look I really like, especially when living in the countryside.


  • My Alterations

Sewing for oneself is not for the faint heart! We all have a unique body and sometimes, you find that you have short legs/long torso/big calves/etc…so what??? That’s who you are and sewing for yourself is a way to make you look good in garments that do fit you.

So let’s start!!

I sewed a size 10 at the waist blended to a size 12 below. In retrospect, I should have stick to a size 8 waist blended to a size 12 below.

I raised the back crotch 1″. I should have raised it 3/4″ because now the waistband is not parallel to the ground…

I shortened the legs at the shorthen/lengthen lines, 1/.2″ twice.

I made a knock-knee adjustment, using the X-adjustement (1/2″).

I shortened the inner back seam by 1/2″. I should have done 1″.

I flattened the hip curve and kind of lengthened it, because my hips are rather flat there (think shelf-hips…).

All in all, I’m rather pleased with my alterations, even if I know they need some tweaking.


  • Yes or No?

A great big YES!!! I will definitely sew other Sequoias, with a bunch of new alterations because I really like the look of these pants. I will also take care not to mess up with the side pockets sewing lines because they are totally off on my pants!!!



Pattern: Sequoia Cargo Pants and Shorts, Itch to Stitch

Fabrics: twill, gabardine, Ripstop, denim…

Difficulty: Intermediate +

Sizes: US00 to US20


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