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The Maya dress

-a sewing kit by Fier comme un paon-

by Elsa

I hadn’t sewn a dress for a long time so when I was asked if I’d like to test Fier comme un paon‘s sewing kits, I was more than ready!

Let me say first this is a collaboration and there will be affiliate links in this article. That means that each time you purchase something, I will earn a small percentage (at no extra cost for you).

I got the sewing kit free in exchange of this article (and I also did a video, but it’s in French only). However, I’ll weigh the pros and cons of such a sewing kit.

Let’s get back to sewing and have a look at this lovely Maya dress.


Maya-Fier comme un paon, La Casa Cactus

What is a sewing kit from Fier comme un paon?

If you’re like me and just hate cutting fabrics, this sewing kit should become yours!

The sewing kit includes labelled fabric pattern pieces that are already cut to the size you chose (or to the measurements you input, for the bespoke option, available only for some patterns).

The sewing kit includes notions and thread as well (+ lining if necessary).

The pattern offer is rather impressive, going from skirts to coats, from dresses to knit tops, for children or adults.

Size range will depend on the pattern: the Petra jumpsuit goes from FR 34 to 46 whereas the Maya dress goes from FR 32 to 56 (+bespoke).

Prices of kits will depend on the project, its options, and fabric. A coat will be more expensive than a toiletry bag obviously, but we all lnowk that coating is terribly expensive.

Let’s get a look at the beautiful Abbesses coat *insert swooning here*.

You will be sent 22 fabric pieces, 17 lining pieces, fusible interfacing pieces, etc. Sewing a coat is hard work so the steep price (128 euros) is in line with what you would pay if you bought things separately. However, with the sewing kit, you skip the dreadful cutting process blissfully! And I know what I’m talking about since I sewed 2 coats (the Precieux coat and the Lagan coat).

Now, onto the Maya dress itself.

A viscose challis Maya

I opted to test a straight size FR 42 (no bespoke option for me). I wanted a first-hand experience with a single size.

Maya is either a (peplum) blouse or a dress.

The blouse can be sewn with a single or double peplum. The dress can also sport a pepulm between bodice and skirt, or be plain.

I went the plainest option i.e. bodice and skirt.

Maya-Fier comme un paon, La Casa Cactus

The fabric is an awesome viscose challis. The color is vibrant (it’s called Vin de Framboise, a mix between burgundy and raspeberry pink).

The firts thing that got me thinking is that I ALWAYS pre-wash my fabric before cutting/sewing.

No trouble here: Fier comme un paon has cut its fabric larger than intended to take shrinking into account. So you can choose to sew your garment without prewashing then wash it once completed.

I opted to pre-wash before. That meant taking the labels off the pieces and serging all the edges before washing. Then I dried and pressed each piece.

The shrinking percentage was around 6.5%.

 Tip: Use different thread for needles and loopers (or needle and bobbin). So you know which side is the right side.

A fabric swatch is given to practise.

Sewing the dress

Sewing instructions are available on the website.

Nothing tricky since there is no closure system.

You can either follow the instructions or sew the dress as you are used to. I used the all-in-one method for the facing (photo tutorial or video).

Seam allowances were included, I don’t know if the other patterns include them as well.

My Maya dress

Here it is!

Maya-Fier comme un paon, La Casa Cactus

That’s a rather simple dress, but the flowy fabric makes it special.

The drape is beautiful and this vibrant Fall color is very flattering on me.

Maya-Fier comme un paon, La Casa CactusI love the wrist detail, with the leastic. That’s a feature I’ll probably use on other patterns.

Maya-Fier comme un paon, La Casa Cactus

So, A+ or C-?

I’ll say a B-!

I enjoyed receiving evyrthing already cut and have nothing to source like the perfect thread color.

I was a bit wary about the shrinking percentage, but it was good. I can put this dress on!

Sergin each and every edge before pre-washing was time-consuming though.

The thing that I really disliked was not being able to alter the pattern for a better fit. We are given paper pattern pieces, but they take into account the shrinking percentage. They are not the real pattern pieces. So it was impossible to alter them as I usually do.


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