{DIY} Reversible (Easter) Basket

{DIY} Reversible (Easter) Basket

Easter is almost there, so is the wedding season. This reversible basket can be used for either of these occasions. it can also be used as home decoration if using the right interfacing.

This tutorial can be found on the French website Creavea too.

DIY title basket


30cm of each fabric (Fabric 1, Fabric 2)

30cm of

30cm of

30cm of

If you want your basket to be part of your home decoration, using is a better option in place of all the other interfacings; It will help the basket stand up better.


A 1cm-seam allowance is included.


{Step 1}

Cut 1 circle (diam.=20cm) in each of the fabric.

Cut 1 circle (diam=10cm)  out of  and another one out of .

Cut 1 rectangle in each of the fabric (10cm by 65cm).

Cut 1 rectangle out of  and another one out of  (8cm by 63cm)

Cut 1 rectangle in each of the fabrics (7cm by 47cm). These will be the handles.

Cut 1 rectangle in  and another one in . (5cm by 45cm)

material notions

{Step 2}

Interface one circle with  and interface the other one with .

Interface the other pieces with either  or .


{Step 3}

Right sides together, pin and sew the handles along the length.

Turn right side out and press.

You can topstitch the lengths as an option.


{Step 4}

Right sides together, pin and sew each width of each remaining rectangle to form circle. press the seam open.

WIP basket


{Step 5}

Right sides together, baste the handles on one of the circles.

WIP basket

{Step 6}

Divide the basket into ‘ equal parts and pin the quarters. Repeat for one of the outer edges.

Right sides together, pin and sew the edge to the bottom.

WIP basket

Tip: clip inside the seam allowance of the edge to help it curve along the bottom.

Repeat for the other bottom and edge.


WIP basket

{Step 7}

Turn both ‘baskets’ on the wrong side

WIP basket

Right sides together and matching seams, place the basket without handles inside the basket with handles. The handles MUST be sandwiched between the two baskets. I really like using my instead of pins here because of all the layers.

Stitch on the outer edge, leaving a 5-7cm opening.

WIP basket

{Step 8}

Pull the baskets through the opening. Smooth the fabric.

Topstitch the upper edge (topstitching closes the opening).


basketThe little bunnies I made (DIY available here) are comfy in their basket!


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