Sew Like My Mom: Fern Cardigan

Posted on Feb 4, 2017

A brand new cardigan pattern has been released today: the Fern Cardigan by Sew Like My Mom. I think that I’ve found a new staple in my DD’s wardrobe. It’s such an easy and quick sew.

Fern Cardigan -Sew like my mom, La Casa Cactus

I used some nice wool jersey with 40% stretch (you’ll need at least 30% since the sleeves are rather fitted and you wouldn’t like your daughter be constricted, would you?!?). I also played a bit with my coverstitch and some rainbow thread I got at Wawak’s. I sewed a size 9 for Miss G.

Fern Cardigan -Sew like my mom, La Casa CactusThe drape of the peplum at the back is lovely, isn’t it? Very nice over jeans or a slim-fitted skirt/pencil skirt for our tweens/teens.

This pattern is a layered pattern with 2 size groups or a bundle.

Pattern: Fern Cardigan, Sew Like My Mom

Fabrics: any kind of knit with at least 30% stretch

Difficulty: easy

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