I want to introduce Gracious Threads‘ new pattern, the Tidal Tankini. I’m French so I might make some (many???) grammatical and/or vocabulary mistakes. Please be kind…!

Testing Gracious ThreadsTidal Tankini was a first for many reasons: first try with swimsuit fabric and first try sewing a swimsuit actually! So I was a bit nervous BUT everything went so well I’m now ready to sew a plethora of swimsuits for every member of the family (well… at least, Miss G and me, if only I could find a swimsuit that fits…and I’m not a size 6…!).

Jess made a lovely pattern for little girls. I just love how it turned out since Miss G is a big fan of swimsuits and wishes to have more than two plain one-piece swimsuits only suitable to swimming lessons.


I sewed a size 6 for my slim girl and it fits her perfectly, a little wide on the bust, but she’s rather on the slim side! I had a bit of a struggle with my elastic, but I don’t know how to sew elastic! Some people are afraid of zippers, I am afraid of elastic…! Nonetheless, it ended up right where it should be on her legs, neither too tight nor too loose.

The size range is NB-6Y. Miss G wears a French size 8-9Y (RTW), but it seems that French sizing is a wee bit different (apart from our use of metric!). I know now that in US sizes she’s between sz6 and 7 so I can say that Jess’s size was spot-on.

I like the way the belly is covered by both top and bottoms, that’s like a one-piece swimsuit, but is “bathroom-friendly” ! The straps form a nice “V” in the back and sit well on her shoulders, not too low, not too high! It provides good coverage in the front, rather modest. I’m not the kind of person that would buy a two-piece swimsuit to her daughter, even if the latter begs for it! So the tankini is a really good alternative.


It’s a quick-sew and I’d rate it advanced beginner (i.e. if you have already sewn knits and placed elastic, it will be a breeze to sew!). I used my serger and coverstitch, but don’t be deterred by my use of both machines, you can sew it with the stretch stitches on your sewing machine.

The explanations are straightforward and many pictures can help clarify some points.

My fabric comes from a wonderful French e-shop (Lolie Shop) that has discounted prices mainly on knits AND striped swimsuit fabrics!!!! Germany-based Tissus.net also sells swimsuit fabrics, but only in solid colors and I wanted something colourful for a little lady like Miss G, who’s fun and lively (and stubborn also!).


This pattern is now available in Gracious Threads’ shop. (launch price until May, 11th, 2014).

And we all hope that we will have the perfect summer for beach/swimming-pool parties!

Thank you Jess for having chosen me as one of your testers!


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