A new top for the Holidays

A new top for the Holidays

It’s been a while since Terri released her Ladies’ Avenue Top for which I’ve been a tester…oupsie I never blogged about it. I had already tested the Avenue Collection for my daughter (you can read more about it here) so I know that the back with the bands would be my choice.

I used some knit with Lurex threads in it. It’s almost the same knit I used for my golden Asta, but instead of golden threads there are silver threads in it and it’s a bit thicker. I bought it from Lolie-shop, my official knit dealer!

So the back:

You can see that no bra is showing!!! I love that.

All in all, it’s not a tricky top to sew, but one may take car extra care in sewing the bands. I pulled the top one a little too much and it lost its stretch a bit.

My plan is to sew another Avenue Top with lace at the back instead of teh bands. One of the testers did that and it’s lovely.


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